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All WCJC Testing Centers are open and providing their normal selection of tests in person. 

Please see the Testing Schedule page for test availability at each campus. 

Appointments MUST be made.  Walk ins are not available.

Face masks are no longer mandatory at WCJC.  If you decide to wear a mask, note that it will be inspected before it is allowed in the testing room and must remain on throughout your time in the testing room.  Removal of a mask while testing would be considered a breach of testing policy.  Masks are not provided.

If you are showing any signs of illness, please do not come in.  In consideration of all of our customers, we reserve the right to turn you away.


Testing Centers

The WCJC Testing Centers are located on the Wharton, Richmond, and Sugar Land Campuses.  

Each center keeps its own schedule.  Examinees must contact the testing center they wish to test at to schedule an appointment.


Types of Tests Offered

The WCJC Testing Centers administer a variety of tests and assessments to help students achieve their academic, personal, and vocational goals. Testing services include:

  • AALF (Accuplacer Advanced Algebra and Functions Test - used for placement into Calculus)
  • High School Equivalency
    • GED(available at Richmond and Sugar Land)
  • CLEP (College Level Examination Program)
  • Professional Exams
    • TCFP  (Texas Commission on Fire Protection) (available at Wharton or Richmond)
    • TCEQ  (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) (available at  Wharton or Richmond)
    • SFFMA (State Firefighters' and Fire Marshals Association of Texas)


Testing Center Guidelines

  • Examinees must make an appointment

Appointments should be made at least the day before.  Spaces can fill quickly during peak times. 

Examinees are expected to be on time for their appointment and encouraged to be early to check in.  Allow time to make your payment before your appointment time.  Late arrivals may be turned away.

Same day appointments and walk-ins are not available.

Appointment times must allow for the full test length to be completed within open Testing Center hours.  Appointments cannot be made that conflict with Testing Center lunch and closing times.

  • A valid photo ID is required for ALL testing.

Examinees must be prepared to present photo ID each time they test.  The type of ID required is dependent upon the test but most require current government photo ID.  Some tests may have additional identification requirements.

  • Payment for tests is required prior to testing

Most tests provided by WCJC require a testing fee (the exceptions being Pearson tests including GED and ATI TEAS where payments are made in full thorough the student's account with the test provider).  The WCJC testing fee is in addition and independent of any fee that a testing provider may charge for their test. 

WCJC testing fee payments are made in person at a WCJC Business Office (Cashier window). 

Payment receipts are non-transferrable.  Receipt reprints are not available.

  • Food, drink, and tobacco products are not allowed in the testing room.
  • Examinees should be prepared to store ALL personal items such as cell phones (powered OFF), backpacks, watches, books, laptops, purses, water bottles, etc. upon request.

No personal items are allowed into the testing room and all items must be stored before testing can begin.  Storage space is limited so examinees should leave as many personal items as possible at home or locked securely in a vehicle.  Position of personal items while testing is grounds for invalidation of your test. 

Cell phones must be powered OFF before storing.  Examinees with cell phones left on, in airplane mode, and/or on vibrate will have their test interrupted to turn their phone off and could have their test invalidated. 

The WCJC Testing Centers are not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken items.

  • Children are not allowed in the testing room

Examinees should not leave children unsupervised anywhere on campus during a testing appointment.  Testing Center personnel are not allowed to supervise children.

  • Examinees requiring proctoring services must be at least 13 years old to test at a WCJC Testing Center and must present photo identification and identification which confirms the examinee’s birthdate.

  • Activities within the WCJC Testing Centers are camera monitored.

Any activity defined as “Misconduct” in the WCJC Student Handbook will not be tolerated and may result in exam invalidation.  (http://www.wcjc.edu/About-Us/administration/offices/student-services/documents/WCJCStudentHandbook.pdf)

  • Students taking instructor exams for WCJC classes must schedule these exams in advance and during times that do not conflict with the lunch and closing times of the Testing Center.

Students are not allowed to leave the testing room once they have started a instructor or proctored exam.  If a student fails to complete an exam by closing time or within the allowed time limit, the exam will be collected as is and the student will only be allowed additional time with written permission from the instructor.

  • Examinees taking computer tests are prohibited from using the computer for any other activity.  Accessing the internet, computer programs, or computer accessories during a test will be grounds for test invalidation. 
  • Interrupted testing appointments are resumed the same day.  

Testing appointments that are interrupted by power or internet outage, computer issues, fire alarms, or other disruptions will be reestablished and resumed as soon as possible the same day that the exam was started.  Examinees are expected to finish their exams on the day it was started unless Testing Center staff deem that to be impossible.  If it is impossible to provide the examinee with the time and/or equipment necessary to resume the exam on the day the test was initiated, the Testing Center staff will reschedule the examinee to another day to continue their exam that is in accordance with the limitations and policies of the testing agency of the exam they are undertaking.  Examinees are responsible for finishing an exam within the time allotted by the exam's testing agency. 

WCJC does not provide refunds or retakes for exams that are interrupted.  

  • Testing personnel have the right to turn away examinees that are or would create a distracting environment for other examinees.

This would include but is not limited to distractive and disruptive behavior, attire, or mannerisms.  Examinees are expected to respect the quiet and calm atmosphere of the Testing Center and contribute to a safe and peaceful testing environment.

Failure to comply with Testing Policy could result in the examinee being asked to leave (including in the middle of an exam), the invalidation of their test, and/or a report of policy violation in accordance with WCJC Student Policy.  Repeat failure to follow Testing Policy could result in the loss of privilege of using the WCJC Testing Centers.

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